First things first, I am not the Bike Snob NYC. BSNYC is far more creative and prolific than I.

That said, I like my city, our fair capital, and I like bikes. I have a staring problem, especially when it comes to bikes. I’ve told more than one date something like “hey, at least I’m not checking out other women.” Invariably, by the end of our evening, they’ve decided they’d prefer I look at other women.

Here are a couple ways to find me.


4 Responses to About

  1. BSNYCfan says:

    Hey, good luck on the site, but seriously “BikeSnobDC”?

    Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but what you’re doing is in marketing speak “diluting the brand” which is something BSNYC spent a long time working on and truly deserves a lot of credit for.

    If you’re really inspired by BSNYC, give him props, but please come up with your own name.

    Don’t be like the Cat 1 racer saying “holy shit, i’m on BSNYCs wheel”. Time for a solo breakaway?

  2. bikesnobdc says:

    These are all fair points. My only retort is this: the only reason you know about me is through BSNYC’s choice to link to my page. I could have gone on with my regular readership of 12 dudes on their parents’ basements ad infinitum, but the Original gave me the opportunity to be seen by a couple thousand extra eyeballs.

    Neither of us are in this for the money, as he’s got a real job (and a pending book deal) and I don’t have any ads or desire to put them on my site. We both like to write about bicycles, and lots of us like to read about bikes.

  3. NotAFixieFan says:

    True, BSNYC chose to link to you for the purpose of irony, but from what I’ve seen you embody the worship of components for appearance and pointless weightloss that are the bane of BSNYC’s existence.

    If anything you should be the Anti-BikeSnob or the LightweightFlashyComponentsSnobDC.

  4. kp says:

    what a douche bag you are.

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