Strange Things in DC

I just finished up a hill workout in Rock Creek Park, and I noticed a pair of strange phenomena in our fair capital.

First, everyone is singing a Michael Jackson song, and they’re all different. First a woman walking up a hill in Rock Creek was getting down with the get down to Smooth Criminal.

Then on the way back into town, I spotted a couple serenading one another to Billie Jean. I can’t help but think that’s an inappropriate tune for a twilight promenade.

The strangest MJ sighting by far had to be the guy in the Bike Rack DC kit. I could swear the guy was doing the Thriller dance.

So that’s the fun and games. Now for the scary shit. On the way back into town from RCP, I was alerted by a Secret Services Uniformed Division officer (on a sweet ass bouncyfork hybrid) that the cobbled road on the north face of the White House was closed. I complied and hopped from the gutter of the road up to the curb, because that’s what you do when someone with a gun and a badge politely asks you to get onto a sidewalk.

Penn Ave NW, north side of la Maison Blanc

Penn Ave NW, north side of la Maison Blanc

Maybe police all over the city are just getting ready for the (literal) shitshow that will overtake DC this weekend for the 4th.

Not stinky (yet)

Not stinky (yet)

Not thinking much of it, I made my way back towards my humble Hill abode, and was stopped on First and East Capitol (my favorite street in the whole entire city), this time by US Capitol Police. I made my way up to Constitution and rolled eastward from there.

The Capitol Police... I'm a big fan.

The Capitol Police... I'm a big fan.

It goes without saying that we live in a city where a lot of “black helicopter shit–” as my apt political junkie correspondent calls it–goes down without us hearing a damn thing about it. I can’t shake the feeling that these two road closures have something in common with the increasingly frequent partial evacuations of the Capitol and/or its Visitor Center in the last few weeks. Again, thanks to my political junkie correspondent for that nugget.

I have all the faith in the world in the USCP and Secret Service, and I truly believe that they’ve got whatever shit is going on on lockdown. Metro police and transit police though, I’m less confident in. So take heed, friends, and let’s all try not to get blown up before summer’s end.


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